My CPD Podcast Experiment

My Continuing Professional Development (CPD) podcast is now in the experimentation phase!

I’ve been thinking about doing this a long time. Seriously. I’m talking years here.

The basic idea is to merge the benefits of podcasting with the desire of lawyers to continuously learn and develop. Oh, and qualify for CPD credits, of course.

Podcasts can be started, stopped, repeated and consumed just about anywhere. I’m hoping people will pop in their earbuds and take a walk or bike ride while they’re learning. Those are the typical ways I consume podcasts.

Each of the episodes will be accompanied by a quiz that may be necessary to qualify for CPD credits.

I’m treating this as an experiment to get started and see if the concept turns out to be worthwhile. If it proves to be valid, I hope to keep on going.

The first few episodes are just me. Post-proof-of-concept episodes will be long form interviews with interesting guests who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

Ready to check it out? Start here.

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