Emotion in Online Dispute Resolution (#3)

This is episode 3 of my Continuing Professional Development podcast. It’s all about the capacity of online dispute resolution (ODR) to handle human emotion in the conflict resolution process.

Course Topics for this episode:

  1. Brief introduction to online dispute resolution (ODR).
  2. The impacts of emotions on disputes on conflict situations.
  3. The state of current research and commentary on the capacity for ODR to accommodate human emotion.
  4. The comparative approaches researchers take to the topic of ODR.
  5. Purported shortcomings of ODR in addressing emotion.
  6. The benefits of ODR aside from addressing human emotion.
  7. Cross disciplinary analysis of technology, emotion and ODR involving human-computer interaction and affective computing.
  8. Predictions about the future of ODR in relation to dispute resolution and human emotion.

The quiz for this episode is here.

The paper I mention in this episode is now up on CanLII here

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