Introduction to Online Dispute Resolution (#2)

This is episode 2 of my Continuing Professional Development podcast. It’s all about online dispute resolution, also called ODR.

Topics covered:

  1. A definition of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).
  2. Types of communication channels involved in ODR.
  3. Comparisons and contrasts between ODR and electronic court document filing.
  4. The history of ODR.
  5. The use of technology for digitization, as opposed to innovation for justice and dispute resolution.
  6. Related justice system benefits of using ODR.
  7. The impacts of ODR on dispute resolution for lawyers.
  8. ODR and access to justice for people unwilling or unable to use technology.
  9. The use of interdisciplinary teams for implementing ODR and technology in justice systems.

The quiz for this episode is here.

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