Rationalizing Openness: Privacy & Access to Court and Tribunal Records (#4)

This is episode 4 of my Continuing Professional Development podcast. It considers how the openness principle, as commonly applied in our justice system, can come into conflict with considerations like information privacy and new technology.

Topics covered:

  1. An introduction to the openness principle as it’s applied in our court processes.
  2. Theoretical and jurisprudential underpinnings of the the openness principle.
  3. The way the courts apply the openness principle and the way they make exceptions to it.
  4. Information privacy and court files.
  5. The powers courts have over information contained in court files and its effects on individual privacy.
  6. Contrasts between the way courts approach information privacy and the way other branches of government approach the same issues.
  7. The risks technology poses for information privacy in court records.

The quiz for this episode is here.

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