Jordan Furlong – How to Get Through a Pandemic and Build Better Justice & Legal Services for the Future (#19)

We’re going to come out of this a changed society and a changed legal system. ~ Jordan Furlong

Jordan Furlong (@jordan_law21) is a legal market analyst, author and speaker. He regularly consults with law firms and legal organizations to help them understand the present and prepare for the future.   

Many of Jordan’t legal market insights are captured in his most recent book, Law is a Buyer’s Market: Building a Client First Law Firm.

Jordan has been closely following the sudden changes from the COVID-19 pandemic. He has already started thinking and writing about what this global event will mean for legal education, the legal services market and public justice. His series of “Pandemic” posts (which you should definitely check out) are available on his website. 

In this conversation, we take a deep dive into Jordan’s thinking about the current state of the legal world. But he doesn’t just dwell on our current problems and challenges. He also outlines very clear, actionable steps for lawyers, both now and in the longer term. 

If you’re a legal professional who feels that the world is spinning out of control right now (even a little bit), you’ll find some valuable takeaways from this conversation. Looking beyond the pandemic, Jordan also his vision for the work we should all be doing to build better systems legal services and justice systems for the future. 

Topics Covered

  1. Legal services as a market
  2. Legal education
  3. Access to justice
  4. Technology and justice
  5. Professionalism for lawyers
  6. Service and business tips for small and medium law firms in a pandemic

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Show Notes

8:00 How Jordan describes his work

9:00 Talking about legal services as a market with more actors than just legal professionals

12:00 Jordan’s path to becoming a lawyer

14:30 What Jordan would say to himself in an email sent back in time to his first day of law school

17:30 Setting / managing expectations for people going into legal practice

18:00 Being patient about finding your right place in law

22:30 Developing a sense of professional identity

28:00 “Outsider” perspectives on legal practice

32:20 The disruptive significance of the COVID-19 pandemic

33:15 Our entire legal ecosystem was not only unprepared – but already staggering 

34:20 The justice system shutting down

38:00 Legal education’s & law professin’s adjustments to continue operating

41:18 Online learning vs remote teaching  

42:30 Doing things differently and doing things better

45:00 Reflections on tradition and change

49:00 Examining process to determine if it’s delivering something of value that is required and needed

52:00 Triage to get institutions working again in the short term and building on it in the long term

53:30 Courts dealing only with urgent and high-priority matters

54:30 JP Boyd on a family law agency

58:20 Jordan on Jack Newton’s Daily Matters Podcast

58:25 Jordan’s series of Pandemic blog posts (search “Pandemic” if the posts are not showing)

58:12 Triage / crisis management and priorities for law firms 

1:02:00 Expanding what it means to be a legal professional 

1:07:18 Even lawyers are social animals 

1:08:20 The disappearance of some forms of traditional, transactional legal work

1:09:30 Making a connection and making yourself a key in your client’s life

1:11:00 How Jordan defines success for himself

1:12:25 The toughest choice or sacrifice Jordan made to get where he is today

1:15:38 If Jordan had to do a week’s worth of work in 3 hours…

1:17:17 Special things Jordan does to look after himself

1:19:17 A place to learn about Jordan for people who are too busy to spend much time @jordan_law21,, Law is a Buyer’s Market

1:20:52 Before my work in the law is done, I want to…

1:22:37 Best book in the last year Lord of the Rings

1:27:33 Jordan’s asks, or calls to action for listeners

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