Monica Goyal – How to Engineer the Future of Law & Justice (#26)

There’s an engineering mindset. And there’s a lawyer mindset. The engineer in me hasn’t left. ~ Monica Goyal

Monica Goyal (@MonicaNGoyal) is an engineer, a technologist, and adjunct law professor, legal startup founder and practicing lawyer. (I don’t know how she does it all either!)

In addition to her law practice in a range of areas including business, technology and IP, Monica also dedicates her energies to bringing the future to law and justice.

Some of her future-building activities include legal startups like MyLegalBriefcase and Aluvion Law. She’s also working to create a new breed of innovation-minded legal professionals through teaching legal tech at Osgoode Law and the Institute for the Future of Law Practice.

This episode is a perfect fit for anyone interested in seeing law and justice through the eyes of a legal professional who has worked at the centre of the technology universe. It’s also full of tips and insights about legal tech, startups, access to justice and more.   

BONUS: We’re trying something new in this episode. If you have a question for Monica, send it to me here. We might try to answer some of them in a future episode.

Topics Covered

  1. Legal education
  2. Gender and legal practice for women
  3. The business of law & legal practice
  4. Legal startups
  5. Access to justice
  6. Careers in law
  7. Comparisons between tech law and using technology for law and justice

Listen to “26 Monica Goyal – How to Engineer the Future of Law and Justice” on Spreaker.

The Quiz for this episode is here.

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