Knowledge Engineering: Start to Finish*

This page sets out a start to finish* description of the knowledge engineering process. It will be updated regularly.

Table of Contents


  • What do expert systems do?
  • How do expert systems reason?
  • Chaining Expert System Logic
  • Using expert systems to solve complex problems

Knowledge Engineering Tactical Analysis

  • Problem identification
  • Domain identification
  • Subject matter experts
  • Defining problems and responses
  • General scope determination

Initiating the Content Creation Process

  • Orientation
  • Domain investigation
  • Precision scope determination
  • Random content generation
  • Proto-branch creation
  • Knowledge engineering project management

Knowledge Base Content Creation

  • Collecting expert knowledge
  • Using question-based rules to deliver expert knowledge with machines
  • The Importance of Answers in Expert Systems
  • Additional Supports in Expert System Knowledge Bases
  • Patterns for Modelling Expert Knowledge

Knowledge Engineering Teams, Tools and Phases of Work

  • Team roles in the knowledge engineering process
  • Knowledge engineering tools
  • The work phases required to create a working expert system knowledge base

*According to this methodology, the knowledge engineering process never really finishes or ends.

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