Building intelligent tech | Experts and the knowledge engineering process

Intelligent technologies like expert systems are designed to deliver expert knowledge to non-expert users. Finding good subject matter experts and using them the appropriately are critical to success. The importance of expert knowledge The knowledge engineering process will depend on the availability of expert knowledge. At least one subject matter expert with specialized domain knowledge... Continue Reading →

Knowledge engineering | Scope

Knowledge engineers work to capture knowledge from a messy, abstract domain and turn it into logic-based rules structured in a very methodical way within a concrete, tangible knowledge base. Managing scope is a key to success. Managing scope of problems While work is under way to define the problem and potential responses, knowledge engineers must define... Continue Reading →

Engineering knowledge in a domain

A knowledge engineer's job is to mine domain knowledge from human subject matter experts. The domain knowledge is the knowledge in a particular field of expertise. The Ins and Outs of Domains The domain can't just be "everything" or "all knowledge." It would be too difficult to cover everything in the knowledge base. You don't... Continue Reading →

Courts and the usability leapfrog

In my last post, I explained how courts could make court technology leapfrogs. In short, they can leapfrog from A (pre-industrial revolution) past B (post-industrial revolution) to C (the information and technology revolution). Courts can do the same thing when it comes to usability. Usability and access to justice Access to justice is a big problem... Continue Reading →

The court technology leapfrog

In an age accelerating technological transformation, some courts are decidedly stone age. But there's an upside: the most technically backward courts are well-positioned to leapfrog stages of justice's slow technological evolution. The Mobile Phone Leapfrog Mobile phones helped developing countries leapfrog stages of technological evolution. While developed or industrialized countries invested in the expensive and complicated... Continue Reading →

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