CPD Podcast

What would happen if we combined Continuing Professional Development with the freedom and convenience of podcasts? I wanted to find out.

Here’s the model:

A. Listen to an episode.

B. Do a quiz.

C. Claim your CPD credits.


(If you use a podcast app, search for episodes using my name, then come back to the pages below to access the quizzes).

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(#32) Albert Battel – The Nazi Lawyer Who Said No

(#31) Stephen Lindsay – Human Memory: From Facts to Falsehoods

(#30) Glenn Tkach – Really Gay Legal History

(#29) Nicole Aylwin – Managing Stress through Mindfulness and Yoga Therapy

(#28) Brandon Hastings – Hacking, Access and the Young Lawyers’ Soapbox

(#27) Major Sherry MacLeod – The Armed Forces Lawyer

(#26) Monica Goyal – How to Engineer the Future of Law & Justice

(#25) Brent Snook – Deception Detection and Using Science to Improve Justice 

(#24) Robert Lapper – Covering 4 Corners of Legal Service 

(#23) Raven Lacerte – Moose Hide: the Indigenous-Led Innovation to End Violence Against Women and Children

(#22) Tara Vasdani – How to Do Law Remotely

(#21) Colin Macleod – Right, Wrong & Wicked Laws: How Can Anyone Decide?

(#20) Eike-Henner Kluge – COVID-19, Bioethics, Law and Decisions of the Most Difficult Kind

(#19) Jordan Furlong – How to Get Through a Pandemic and Build Better Justice & Legal Services for the Future

(#18) Brook Greenberg – Mental Health, Substance Use and an End to Suffering in Silence

(#17) Shannon Salter – The Civil Resolution Tribunal, Technology & Justice Redesigned for Users

(#16) Delena Hills – Justice & Legal Services for Clients with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) 

(#15) Bruce Pinel – Managing Stress and Reaching Peak Mental Performance in your Law Practice

(#14) Jennifer Muller – Seeing the Justice System through a Self-Represented Litigant’s Eyes

(#13) Mitch Walker – Gladue Reports and the Healing Approach to Criminal Justice

(#12) Emily Laidlaw – Life Under the Rule of Villains, Vigilantes and Intermediaries in the Untamed World of the Internet

(#11) Hamar Foster – Religion, Blood, Ordeals, Battles and the Origins of the Common Law

(#10) Colin Lachance – AI Powered Legal Research with Canada’s Chief Legal Informatics Officer

(#9) Natalie Byrom – The Biggest Court Reform Project Ever Attempted Anywhere

(#8) Naomi Sayers – Trauma-Informed Practice & Cultural Competency

(#7) Julie Macfarlane – Champion of the Self-Represented

(#6) Katie Sykes – From Medieval Animal Trials to Intelligent Legal Tech and the Future of Law

(#5) Getting your Dream Law Job – Lauryn Kerr

(#4) Rationalizing Openness: Privacy & Access to Court and Tribunal Records 

(#3)  Emotion in Online Dispute Resolution

(#2) Introduction to Online Dispute Resolution 

(#1) Pilot episode 

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