Courts and the usability leapfrog

In my last post, I explained how courts could make court technology leapfrogs. In short, they can leapfrog from A (pre-industrial revolution) past B (post-industrial revolution) to C (the information and technology revolution). Courts can do the same thing when it comes to usability. Usability and access to justice Access to justice is a big problem... Continue Reading →

The court technology leapfrog

In an age accelerating technological transformation, some courts are decidedly stone age. But there's an upside: the most technically backward courts are well-positioned to leapfrog stages of justice's slow technological evolution. The Mobile Phone Leapfrog Mobile phones helped developing countries leapfrog stages of technological evolution. While developed or industrialized countries invested in the expensive and complicated... Continue Reading →

The 3-Part Anatomy of an Expert System

Expert systems can be described in three structural components. My description is intentionally simplified. It's also meant to be conceptual. Actual systems may have a more complex makeup, or a different architecture altogether. The Knowledge Base The knowledge base makes the expert system intelligent. It's where the domain-specific expert knowledge is stored. The knowledge is... Continue Reading →

Chaining expert system logic

Each rule in an expert system knowledge base follows a conditional logic approach to reasoning. If a condition is satisfied, then the system makes a deduction. The rules in an expert system's knowledge base can be connected or chained together. This chaining allows the system to make several deductions in sequence. To make this forward-chaining approach... Continue Reading →

Can expert systems outperform humans?

Is an expert system better than a human expert? Sometimes. An expert system can out-reason humans - especially non-expert humans - in a particular domain. If you have a good knowledge base designed to reason well, it won't fail. Depth If the knowledge base contains very deep knowledge resembling advanced expertise, the system will reason like... Continue Reading →

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