Darin’s Personal Internet Content Policy

  1. Scope

    This is my own Personal Internet Content Policy. It governs any content I create, share, like, curate, comment on, or otherwise interact with on any accounts that can be attributed directly or indirectly to my name. I’ll call this content my “Personal Internet Content” in this policy. 

    This policy doesn’t cover any content or communications made on behalf of my employers. Those activities are totally separate at all times from my Personal Internet Content.  

  2. Opinions Mine

    All opinions you think you see, hear, or read from me are my own personal views and not those of my employer. I get to decide what is and isn’t my opinion. My opinions change frequently without notice or any decent explanation.

    In my opinion, you shouldn’t concern yourself with my opinions. Don’t try to use them for any purpose other than one to which I explicitly support, endorse or otherwise consent to.
  3. Damage, Loss & Harm

    You acknowledge you have the choice to unfollow, mute or block me. You can also look away or ignore me. 

    Don’t read, view, listen to or otherwise experience my Personal Internet Content unless you are willing to accept responsibility for any damage, loss or harm caused it may be alleged to cause you or anyone else. 

  4. Accuracy

    Sometimes, things in my Personal Internet Content are incorrect, out of date or flat out false. Sometimes it’s false by accident. Sometimes it’s false on purpose.

    Any person who wants to identify or interpret a fact from my Personal Internet Content accepts full responsibility and accountability for that alleged fact. 

  5. No Time, Date or Location Stamps

    I frequently use tools and technologies that allow me to create or manipulate my Personal Internet Content asynchronously. I also use technologies to manipulate the internet’s approximation of my location.

    Timestamps and location stamps included with my Personal Internet Content are often wrong. 

  6. Account Not Exclusive

    I often stay signed in to my website and social media accounts on multiple personal devices. I have also been the victim of hacking on multiple occasions.

    Content that appears to be my Personal Internet Content might have come from someone else with or without my knowledge. In either case, I might refuse to accept responsibility for it. 

  7. Parody, Sarcasm & Context

    My Personal Internet Content frequently expresses sarcasm and parody. Things that appear to be positive views or opinions may actually be negative. Things that appear to be negative views or opinions may actually be positive. I won’t include any warnings or signals when my Personal Internet Content contains sarcasm or parody.

    Increasingly, people looking to deliberately ignore context seek out new targets on the internet. People who take my Personal Internet Content out of context accept full responsibility for any resulting damage, loss or harm. 

    As a rule, my Personal Internet Content always means the opposite of what it says, except when it means exactly what it says, or when it only sort of means what it says. 

  8. No Legal Advice

    None of my Personal Internet Content can be interpreted as legal advice. 

    Any person who chooses to rely on my Personal Internet Content as if it contains legal advice must accept full responsibility for any resulting damage, loss or harm it may cause. 

  9. Indemnity

    Any person who causes to Darin Thompson any direct or indirect damage, loss or harm by ignoring this Personal Internet Content Policy agrees to fully indemnify Darin for any resulting damage, loss or harm.

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